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Our Philosophy

Tennis England exists to make a contribution towards British tennis and we do this by positively building each child’s self-esteem.

We have created a visionary culture, determined to develop each and every child to his or her full potential on and off the court. Yes, we coach children tennis, but we are more interested in helping our students grow not only as tennis players but also as human beings. We are committed to the individual development of each child. We don’t just produce players, we build people.

    Within each child we aim to develop: A love of learning
  • A strong set of values rooted in a traditional moral code
  • A desire to succeed
  • A strong sense of a Can Do Attitude
  • A willingness and preparedness to accept responsibility
  • An appreciation of the needs of others coupled with a desire to help and care
  • A high level of self-respect, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • The knowledge and skills required for effective life-long learning

    We shall achieve these aims by: Continually improving our standards of coaching, learning and citizenship
  • By being unconditionally positive in our communication style
  • Make learning stimulating, challenging, exciting and enjoyable
  • Using coaching and learning strategies for a variety of learning styles
  • Teaching children how to learn effectively
  • Creating opportunities for children to apply their learning
  • Encouraging parents to support their children’s learning
  • Presenting achievable but challenging opportunities for success
  • Rewarding positive attitudes, behaviour and success
  • Constructively correcting negative attitudes and behaviour
  • Encouraging children to learn from their inevitable mistakes

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