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We Believe in

  • Our Underlying Belief System Every person is capable of learning
  • People learn in different ways
  • Respect and caring for each individual is essential
  • Learning must be joyful, interesting and meaningful to be effective
  • Safety and trust among students and teachers is essential to the learning process

Can Do Attitude
We believe in helping people, especially children, develop a more positive attitude about themselves and the people in the world around them. Most importantly, each person must recognise that they can choose their attitude and by doing so change their circumstances. The Tennis England “Can Do Attitude” works towards each child using an “ability awareness” to help them focus on what they CAN Do... regardless of their challenges. In essence, Can Do! is dedicated to helping children reach their unique true potential by fostering a proactive, “can do” attitude that helps expand their vision of possibilities within themselves, in others, and in their future.

Skills for Life
Skills for Life Sportis a powerful metaphor for life. Important life skills such as confidence, communication skills, caring for others, teamwork and learning how to deal with defeat positively are all woven into our coaching programme.

We believe that self-esteem is the critical factor that affects everything else. And that one of the most important things any teacher must be great at is nurturing and fostering self-esteem in a child. We have developed a “Communication Style” of coaching that is unconditionally positive in feedback that works at an identity level. This enables our coaches to continuously positively reinforce children and get them to believe in themselves and their capabilities.

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